We rocked. The ASMS wiki was unfathomably awesome but as the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. Everyone previously on the list of current students has made the leap to ex and no doubt now spend their days spreading the good word of science to non-believers. The wiki may be dead but it still dutifully records a moment in the lives of many a good ASMSian. We promise not to let those moments get "lost in time, like the tears in the rain". However we are setting the wiki to read only for all but admins and disabling user registration to let ASMS Wiki rest in peas peace. Perhaps a new generation will discover this place and decide to start it again. I bet ASMS Wiki 3.0 would be even more badass than it's predecessors. If you are said brave ASMSnaut email us at future@asmswiki.com. We'd be happy to transfer the domains and/or host a new wiki for you.

Signing off for the last time, -callumgare <3

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